It’s taken a lot of time and energy to get here, but here we are! We’re excited to share a digital version of the Faith Rising Case for Support here.

Case for SupportThe process to create the Case for Support began in July 2017. The College formed five working groups tasked with research, ideation and discernment around the topics of endowment, academics, infrastructure, athletics and student life. Each group comprised faculty, staff, alumni and a board member. Groups presented their recommendations to the College’s leadership, which were then grouped to form a first draft of the Case for Support.

Gordon College circulated the first draft to a small group of Gordon’s most loyal supporters to get feedback. These alumni and friends gave confidential feedback to a consultant, who then provided recommendations for the College for updating the Case for Support.

From there, Gordon’s advancement department revised the draft and then circulated a new draft to department heads and other campus leadership in order to gather more feedback.

Two years after the process started, we have our final product that includes feedback and insights from more than 250 alumni, friends and partners. Let us know what you think!