Gordon student Evan Platzer found himself called to study Computer Science entirely by accident. “I didn’t have any plans to study Computer Science, but God did,” says Evan. “I came to Gordon because of the academic opportunities it provided in linguistics. I’ve had a passion for languages my whole life.”

With the help of faculty mentors, Evan soon realized that his interest and talents in both fields of study were vital in complementary ways to the work of Bible translation for unreached people groups.

“I got to do original research last school year in Kinyarwanda, the understudied official language of Rwanda,” says Evan. “This gave me real experience collecting and analyzing data about a totally unfamiliar language from a significantly different culture. I also got to take part in a Computer Science Practicum over the summer, which was an incredible opportunity to partake in real software development for a real client while networking with technical professionals.”

Evan is experiencing first-hand the importance of scholarship in providing him with a hands-on education that prepares him for after graduation. Scholarship is often the blessing that allows students to make the most of their four years at Gordon, and participate in meaningful learning opportunities.

“Without my scholarship, I would need to work much more to be able to sustain myself at Gordon, meaning I wouldn’t have time to do things like my independent research project and summer software development. It is only because of my scholarship that I have the freedom to invest fully in my classes and get the most out of my Gordon education, in preparation for what God is calling me to next.”